Rental of Facilities Information

All uses of the hall for Veteran related affairs such as Veteran's Day dinner, Legion Birthday dinner, 40 & 8 Functions, Auxiliary functions, Legion Riders functions, post funeral service functions, etc will be exempt from any deposits, charges for use, etc.


For larger functions which include the use of the kitchen, there will be a ssecurity deposit of $250.00 with $100.00 refunded after cleaning of the kitchen and dining area to cover the cost of utilities, wear and tear of carpet, use of tables/chairs, wear & tear of kitchen equipment, etc.  A "Declaration of Responsibility" document must be signed by a member in good standing who pledges to be present during the entire use of the Legion facilities.  Use of the hall includes clean up of the area and kitchen by person(s) reserving the facility, with the kitchen being evaluated by a member of the Auxiliary as suitably returned to a usable condition.

For larger functions wich do NOT include the kitchen, there will be a non-refundable security deposit of $100 to cover the cost of utilities, wear and tear of carpet, use of tables/chairs.  A "Declaration of Responsibility" will also be reqired for these functions.  Use of the hall includes the cleaning of the area by person(s) reserving the facility. 

Fees are due at the time of signing the Declaration of Responsibility.

Set-up for the function will be no earlier than the evening prior and all equipment, decorations, etc., must be removed prior to noon the day following the event.  Arrangements can be made with the staff or House Committee for access.


Declaration of Responsibility


Name: _________________________ Organization: (Legion, Aux, SAL) _________________

Member Number: ________________  Today's Date: ________________________________

 Date of Function: ________________  Number of Attendees: _________________________

                                                    (Not to exceed 150)      (Any under 21? yes ___ no ___)

I ____________________________ understand that my signature on this document ensures

            (Print Name Here)

the American Legion Post #10 that I will remain present throughout the use of the facilities.  I further ensure that I will be responsible for the conduct of the attendees, this includes their actions and conduct in the parking lot and adjacent areas of the Post building.

Signature: __________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone: (Day) __________________________ (Night) ____________________________

Signature of Post Representative:  _______________________________________________

(All Spaces Must Be Filled In)